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  • Episode 38

    Mormon Stories in Shorts - Scott Hales

    Coming May 31, 2017
  • Episode 39

    Are Mormons Christian? - Robert Millet

    Coming June 7, 2017
  • Episode 40

    Help! Teaching in Church Settings - John Hilton III

    Coming June 14, 2017


Over the past few years, the Mormon podcasting landscape has seen many podcasts come and go, leaving many wondering where to go for faithful scholarship.

LDS Perspectives Podcast grew out of a desire to fill that void. We offer a place for members of the LDS Church to learn more context about their history, seek more depth to their doctrine, and gain more support with their cultural challenges.

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Mormon Scholars Expound on Church History

Enhance your study of LDS doctrine, history, and culture in this easy-to-read volume covering the seventeen most often discussed controversies.


Richard Bushman, Steven Harper, Brant Gardner, Alexander Baugh, Ron Barney, Brian and Laura Hales, Kent Jackson, Kerry Muhlestein, Mark Ashurst-McGee, Don Bradley, Paul Reeve, Ugo Perego, Neylan McBain, Ty Mansfield, and David H. Bailey

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